WOD 18-02-2017


A. Keg Ground to Overhead Practice 

B. BuddyWOD – You Go, I Go:
Tabata of:
– ME Keg Push Presses 45/35/25kg
– (20 Sec Bud1, 10 Sec Rest, 20 Sec Bud2, etc..)

C. 4 Rounds of:
– 200 Mtr Sandbag Bearhug Walk 45/35kg
– 400 Mtr Run

Specialty Class: CrossFit@ThePark

A. Dynamic Stretch & Warming Up!

B. Prepare for the unknown and unknownable!!!
(Note: bring running shoes + backpack if you have!)

Specialty Class: StrongMan

A. 3 Min. AMRAP of Tire Jumps In/Out

B. 20 Min. EMOM of:
– Odd Min.: Bud1 5 Heavy Tire Flips
– Even Min.: Bud2 5 Heavy Tire Flips

C. BuddyWOD – 5 Rounds of:
– 1 Min. Bud1: Sandbag Hold 45/35kg
– 1 Min. Bud2: ME Tire Flips, Tire In/Out
(10 Sec. transition time)

We’re hosting this weekend the ELEIKO Weightlifting for Athletes course with Blaine McConnell and Andreas Byfeldt (CF Nordic), experts on CrossFit, Strength & Conditioning and Weightlifting! 
More info you will find at 
The CrossFit classes will be outside / NO Open Box classes available today! 

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