12-Weeks of No-Gym Workouts

There are no hard and fast rules for what you can and cannot do in mixing different styles into your workout routines. The following routines are meant to either complement or provide a foundation for your weekly regimen, whatever that may be. If you cannot make it to the gym or are looking for a pure home practice you should feel comfortable following this program either way.


So, in these workouts we combine kettlebell swings, bodyweight core movement and yoga sequences. You should have some familiarity with the movements, and if you don’t spend some time researching them and getting familiar with form.



We break the program out into two simple sessions that you can spread out during the week, as it suits your schedule.


  • Session 1 will be a full workout with a full yoga class
  • Session 2 will be a full workout with a shorter yoga class


You don’t need to remember a lot when it comes to pacing your workouts or yoga sessions. For instance, hold all yoga poses for five breaths unless otherwise indicated. Where you see the instruction Rest, we have two recommendations:


  • After each round of 10, 15 and 25 reps, rest as needed listening to your body, from 30-60 seconds.
  • After each your set of 50 swings, please rest as needed up to 3 minutes


You also don’t need much in the way of equipment. Just the following:



Pull up bar


Yoga mat, non-slip



As for kettlebell weights, we suggest the following guidelines. Lower part of the range for women and the upper value for men:


Beginner Intermediate Elite
8-12 kg 12-16 kg 16-24 kg


One of your main objectives should be to learn and understand the flow of the program. Take your time reading through the routines, and mapping out the movements. They will challenge you and if you are unsure of what to do, look up the movements and get comfortable with them first. To support your journary through this download our app:



If you follow the movement patterns, and learn them, it will help you to create your own variations as you go along. Your body will tell you how it is working for you. Developing that understanding of the exercise sequences should be an important part of your commitment to a program. It is, as much as being a physical challenge, a way for you to learn your own programming.





Your body will tell you how it is working for you. Every one of you is different and only you know how you really feel. 


It’s very important to realize that no one will make you do these workouts. You are your own coach and motivator. One way to stay on track and continue to evolve is to leverage the opportunity to learn from the routines here. 



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